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Skyward Sword
Shyla woke, blind with sweat in her eyes. Despite the rain from the night before, a miserable cloud of hot and moist mist hung in the air, clinging to every leaf and sinking into every pore. She stood and stretched, feeling the stiffness and aches in every single tendon and fiber of her body. Every last inch of her was covered in cuts and bruises. Her clothes were no better off either. Her undershirt and tunic clung to her body, still sopping wet from the rain, her boots had a good inch of water in them. She brushed her damp and matted hair out of her face and continued onwards…
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Shyla could not feel her body against the floor. She was paralyzed by the words that had flown about in the library, where she still sat under the table staring straight forward, confused, and utterly dumbfounded.

How old was she again? Fifteen?
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Shyla still felt an aching deep within her chest as she slowly walked down the corridor. There was very little here for her, she realized, with Tanir gone. For much of her life, he was the one person she ever felt close to. She remembered being young and being carried around on his back. She remembered sitting on his lap as he read to her and told her grand stories about the world. She remembered him drying her tears at night whenever she had nightmares. Even more, she remembered how lonely it was in the Castle without him. She knew he would come back, at least eventually. Until the day he came trundling back on the carriage, she still felt as though she were wandering a maze, trapped and constantly turning around in circles.

Before she knew it, she found herself face to face with a familiar set of doors.
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Shyla woke up screaming for the third night in a row.

She bolted upright in her bed, lungs on fire as air flew out of her body. She flumped backwards against her bed. She could still feel a dull ache in her back, arm, and abdomen as if she had been punched in the gut repeatedly. She curled up into a fetal position, hoping she could embrace the pain away. It would subside in a little while, she knew that. Still the pain was bothersome, and she counted every second it took to fade away as she squeezed her eyes closed against the sunlight breaking in through her window against her face and body.
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She was being torn apart.

She felt the coldness of the room pierce her skin and sink into ever fiber and bone. She felt her eyes open and saw it. There was the room again, dark, damp, freezing, sucking every scrap of warmth from her, her very will to live.
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Hello LiveJournal, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Sorry to anyone on my f-list who's just now seeing me pop-up and thinking "who the fuck is this - where the fuck have they been?" Let's start again: I'm Rebecca. We probably went to school together at some point. Whatever, I stopped updating because I just stopped caring. Also, college. College was waaaaay more fun than writing on my LJ ever was. Then I found more interesting comms on LJ and decided to come back.

But then I saw the last post that I made about my then-BF and decided it was time for some much needed cleaning up.

So I went through and manually deleted all my entries. All of them. And I realized exactly what kind of whiny shithead I was as a teen (seriously, how the fuck did you people tolerate me). Oh and that depression shit? Hypothyroidism. Mmm. Mm. Nothing like having your endocrine glands working for crap.

I got a huge effing migrane headache from going through page by page and tossing those things.

But I'm better now. Actually I'm just killing time between now, dinner and actually finishing up my NaNo novel. Did I mention I did NaNoWriMo this year? Yeah, kinda won, too. Won, as in I met the 50k mark, not actually finished the fucking thing.

For anyone who asks, it's the same story I've been working on since goddamn middle school. This is easily the third, no fourth, rewrite I've attempted and I might actually finish this one. I'm proud of myself, actually. It's less crappy, and I stuck with it after all this damn time.

So see you when I have something more to say.

November 29

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